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Sports Massage, Toledo

Typically, sports massage is utilized to alleviate and promote healing of specific complaints. Our trained sports massage therapist at Ultimate Body Mind & Spirit performs massage and stretching techniques based upon knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and related massage therapy principles relevant to human sports performance.

One does not need to have a serious physical complaint to greatly benefit from sports massage. It is now more common for athletes and people who lead and active lifestyle of all ages and proficiency levels to seek the massage services of a trained sports massage therapist. There are typically five time periods when sports massage is appropriate: Pre-event, Inter-event, Post event, Rehabilitation, and Maintenance. Specific sports are known to habitually affect particular muscles or groups of muscles, tendons and ligaments that are used in a repetitive fashion. By concentrating on the specific muscle groups most used in a given sport, the sports massage therapist at UBMS massage Toledo can help an athlete increase mobility, range of motion, oxygen supply, blood flow and help maintain higher performance.

Sports massage in Toledo is by no means limited to professional athletes. Sports massage targets the muscle groups commonly over exerted during physical activity. Whether you're a golfer, softball player, jogger or just a weekend warrior you can benefit from sports massage. We commonly see a diverse array sports massage patience from Toledo area high school athletes to people still living an active life.

Common sports injuries varies from sport to sport to learn more about common sports injury to specific sports please consult Golf Injury, Running Injury, Swimming Injury, Cycling Injury and Common Sports Injuries pages 

The frequency of your visits will vary according to your needs. Your therapist may also recommend specific exercises to be performed at home.

You may also be interested in learning about our Kinesio Taping service for athletes and sports injuries

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Sports Massage, Toledo
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Welcome to Ultimate Body, Mind & Spirit, massage therapy Toledo. We specialize in the treatment and rehabilitation of our clients through the use of massage, sports massage and body work. If you suffer from pain due to a sports injury, auto accident, on the job mishap or just from the stress of everyday life; our goal is to relieve your pain with massage.
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